Deskbar Applet

The Deskbar is an all-in-one search bar. It is a Linux/Gnome panel applet that is similar to Google's (Windows only) Deskbar.

Its homepage is on the GNOME wiki at

Downloads from SourceForge are at


Version 0.1

Version 0.3

You can add your own search engines through the preferences dialog. Here, I've added my local library catalog.

Version 0.4

This isn't a screenshot, but a still image from the screencast at

Version 0.5

Raphaƫl Slinckx blogged about version 0.5. We're experimenting with the UI a bit, so that it's simpler. This means that a number of features evident from the 0.3 and 0.4 screenshots have been dropped - this software is still under construction. :)